Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tahereh Saffarzadeh

Tahereh Saffarzadeh (Persian: طاهره صفارزاده , 1936 in Sirjan, Kerman Province, Iran – October 25, 2008 in Tehran, Iran) was an Iranian poet, writer, translator and prominent university professor.
She received her BA in English language and literature in 1960. Several years later she left Iran for England and then to the United States. Upon being accepted as a member of International Writing Program, she also enrolled for M. F. A program which is essentially designed so as to enable the writers, the poets, the painters etc., to teach their respective fields of art both in practical workshops and theoretical courses, at university level. For her degree she studied major contemporary world literature with a special focus on practical literary criticism and translation workshops.
Saffarzadeh has so far published fourteen volumes of poems and she is also the author of ten books on the principles of translation regarding literary, scientific and Qur'anic texts respectively.
In regards to effectiveness of science of translation, Saffarzadeh has presented several theories of which "the Scientific Progression via Translation" has been regarded the most notable one. In the book "Translating the Fundamental Meanings of the Holy Qur'an" (1999) which is a genuine research on the English and Persian Translations of Qur'ān, she has succeeded in finding the main flaws and shortcomings; and by depiction of those defects she has introduced a new gate of approach in finding equivalents in the domain of translation of the Qur'ān the effect of which has appeared as this remarkable conceptual translation. She's published her bilingual translation of Qur'an in Persian and English 2001, which is the first bilingual translation of Qur'an.