Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What prevents you yet he was kept for Sister

Hijab is a Muslim women's clothing that covers the head to foot (including the hijab / veil and loose-fitting clothes that do not show the curves). For the layman, the issue of the hijab may be a simple problem. But verily, he is a big problem. Because he is of course the commands of Allah in it contained a lot of wisdom and very great. When Allah SWT commands us a commandment, He knows that the order is for our good and one reason for the achievement of happiness, glory and greatness of women.

As word of Allah Almighty: "O Prophet, tell your wives, daughters and wives of the believers to reach their head throughout the body, which thus so they are easier to be known, because they do not digangguÂ". ( QS. Al Ahzab: 59)

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam once said: "There will be at the end of my people who horseback saddle men like men, they fell at the front door of the mosque, the women they dress (but) naked, on their heads (there is one) such as the hump graceful camel. Laknatlah them! the actual women they are cursed. "(Narrated by Imam Ahmad (2 / 33))

Word of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam also said: "Two groups, including residents of Hell, I (myself) had never seen them, that is like people who carry whips, such as cows, with their whip the man and the woman who dressed (but) bare, berlenggak sway sway, their heads (there is one) like camel hump tottery rocking. They certainly will not enter Heaven, did not even get a smell. And actually smell that heavenly smell of travel distance and so many. "(Narrated by Muslim, hadith no. 2128).

Our times are many reasons or causes that are often used as a reason why women are reluctant to he was kept, including:

1. Not steady
When ukhti / sister quibble with this doubtful should be able to distinguish between two things. Namely between the commands of God with the human command. While still in command of man, then one can not be forced to accept it. But when the commandment of Allah there is no reason for people to say I have not been established, because it can drag the man on the big danger is out of the religion of Allah SWT for with so he does not believe and doubt the truth of the command.

Allah Allah says: "And not worthy of believing men and women mukminah, when Allah and His Messenger have set up a provision, there will be for those other options concerning their affairs. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he verily have been misguided, misguided real. "(Surat al-Ahzab: 36)

2. Faith is located in the heart not the outward appearance
The ukhti / sisters who have not tried to interpret the hadiths he was kept, but not in accordance with the intended, like the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasalam: "Verily Allah does not look at other forms of (outward) and treasure your wealth but He looks at the heart and gentlemen amalmu . '(Narrated by Muslim, Hadith no. 2564 from Abu Hurairah).

They seem to shed the true meaning which deflected in kebathilan. True Faith is situated hearts but Faith is not perfect if only inwardly. Faith in the hearts alone would not save him from Hell and got Heaven. Because the definition of Faith According to scholars jumhur Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama: "belief in the liver, with the oral pronunciation, and implementation by member agencies." And also listed in the Koran every time called Faith said, is always accompanied by a charity, such as: "People who believe and do righteous ....". Because charities are always hand in hand with faith, they can not split up.

3. God has not given me guidance
Sister / sister who is mired in such an obvious mistake. Because if people who want guidance, and wants other people mendo'akan himself to get it, he has struggled with the causes that can be delivered, so get that guidance. As word of Allah: "Verily, Allah does not change the state of a people so that they change the circumstances that exist in them sendiri.Â" (Surah Ar-Ra'd: 11).

Therefore, O uhkti / sister, try to find the causes of guidance, such guidance would you get with the permission of Allah SWT. Diatara business was praying in order to get guidance, to choose friends who Shalihah, always reading, study and ponder the Book of Allah, following dhikr assembly and religion and other lectures.

4.Takut not sell marriage
Doubtful is prompted by the devil in the soul because of the feeling that the youth would not decide to get married unless she had seen the body, hair, skin, beauty and the girl's jewelry. Although beauty is one of the most fundamental cause of marriage, but he was not the only reason he married her.

Messenger of Allaah Â'Alaihi blessings and peace: "The woman was married for four things: that is because of wealth, lineage, beauty and her religion. Get women who cling to religion, (if not) necessarily both hands covered in dust." (Narrated by Al Bukhari, kitaabun marriage, 9 / 115).

5. He still has not Adult
Indeed the saints, either father or mother who prevents a child he was kept his daughter, ostensibly because it is still immature, they have a great responsibility before God Almighty on the Day of Judgement. Because according to the Shari'a as a girl get menstruating, she is also immediately required for he was kept.

6. My parents and my husband forbid he was kept
Basic issue here is that obedience to God should take precedence over the creatures keta'atan whoever he is. As mentioned in the saheeh hadeeth:

"Surely it is only in virtue of obedience." (Narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim). And the words of the Apostle in another hadith: "And obey not the creatures by disobey (adulterous) told Al-Khaliq." (Narrated by Imam Ahmad, hadith is saheeh).
Therefore, O ukhti yet he was kept, hopefully this paper form the heart opening a locked, thrilling sense of who was asleep, so it can restore all the sisters who do not adhere to orders he was kept, to the nature that Allah has commanded.

(Quoted from a book titled original translation Ghairil Muhajjabah Mal Ila Sister Maani'u Minal Hijab? By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Al Bilaly).

Allaah knows best.

Hj. Dewi Setiani
The author based in Jogjakarta.