Monday, September 27, 2010

If I Should Marry

A few days ago, one of my friends asked about when I will fulfill my deen half. Mmhh .. tough question to my answer:). Frankly, I have reached the age of yellow light to the standard size of married women. You could say a mature age. But wait, someone does not guarantee the age of maturity of a person, a good way of looking and thinking. And mature size seseorangpun least there are no parameters / specifications clearly.

Problem fulfill half of the deen, I also know if it sunna Prophet married. But, marriage is not just bringing a man and a woman only. Getting married is also a missionary meeting, a meeting that will increase productivity ghirah struggle and propaganda, causing a wider spread of propaganda again (Red. Note A Sister). I knew it .. marriage is not maen-maen! There's something more serious again in addition to fun and it was clearly going to end in court later held accountable.

Okay, I'll get married. But what kind of candidate? Sheikh Mustafa Masyhur his opinion, to build a Muslim family which is based on taqwa, the first time a Muslim had to find a good partner who understands the task has become Muslim and the minutes of his life. Making his life partner as a good friend of proselytizing, which always reminded when he forgot, giving encouragement and did not prevent him preaching. Well it means, I have to find a good partner to understand the task has become Muslim and the minutes of his life (in other words is a pious person).

Problem sholeh, my first thought, with the pious only, the other special properties will follow. Apparently not. In addition sholeh criteria, we also should recognize the privilege of the candidate in the eyes of us. For what? Yes .. for our life more colorful with his presence. Because marriage is not just for one or two years only, but could be our lifetime, as long as the breath out of our spirit. It is conceivable, if it turns out the candidate does not have the privilege of our own hearts, how to color our lives someday! Pale with no color. And about the Falling in love at the first sight! Mmhh .. why not?

So did mine. I want to marry not just because the candidate I have seen the advantages (if any). I want to marry someone because of my privileged eyes, can make a rainbow glow of sincere happiness in her face, and can membumikan love into his heart. And with a sincere smile as well, he was able to make my heart tremble with gratitude compassion will grace.
Ya Rabbi, anugerahkanlah servant servant pious one who can make the slave a wife who sholehah, which can make the mother of our servant-jundiMu Jundi, who can help enforce dienMu servant, our parents happy to leave this world in a state Khusnul khatimah , and made the servant of akhlus paradise .. Amin ya Allah ya robbal alamin.

Bish Wallahualam showab.

By. Irma