Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Self decorated Muslimah

A Self decorated Muslimah
MediaMuslim.Info - is decorated with ordinary thing done by a human being, whether man or woman even effeminate. Islam as a religion in accordance with human instinct Saj certainly do not underestimate this ornate Problems be a beauty so, course already discussed in the Islamic Shari'a. So that it can be decorated or deeds of pious charity, depending on the attitude we want or do not heed the ornate tendency Shari'a.
Hopefully we can benefit from the existence of this article, which tells some effort and discipline in the ornate tendency allowed, in order to become the barometer every time a woman will be decorated, either by using classical and modern decoration, where the scholars have not mentioned the opinion of the ornaments.

tendency first: Let how ornate it is not prohibited in our religion all forms of jewelry that is prohibited by Allah Almighty and His Messenger, means unlawful, whether Rasululloh God give  scathe-less has explained the danger to us or not.

purport second: Does not contain resemblance to the unbelievers is the most important purport must be observed in the ornate. Proscribed limits of self Like TRENDS heart in everything that has become characteristic of unbelievers, because they were so impressed with them wanted to emulate, both in the way of dress, appearance, and others. even if the perpetrators had claimed did not intend to imitate infidels, but the cause remains just a stunt himself and the loss of identity as a Muslim who comes from the weakness of believe. Oddly enough, a Muslim, a practice sometimes practice has a basis in the teachings of our Shari'a, but then he sinned in doing so, because he intends to imitate the infidel.

For example, a man who let his beard long. letting the long beards become essentially is one of the Islamic Sharia for men, but there are some men who let his beard because it follows the Extend mode and raw imitate western people. He sinned by doing so, because such information study get, there is a young man newly arrived from the west with a long beard, according to trend / fashion trend of the western people. When he found out that in their cities and beard are also the symbols of Islam God women and understand the symbols of religion, she soon cutting beard!

For example among women, elongate end clothing. The act (IE elongate tip one inch or one cubit) is the Sunna for women who have left people at the present time. But when those who disbelieve do well on some formal occasions they are Part of the Muslims have tarnished their minds take that as a good habit, and they followed him, to imitate the infidels. Conversely, except special occasions they returned to the habits of the infidels with a mini dress / tight or You Can See! in two chance that they are still sinners.

purport three: Do not let the male resembles in all sides.

purport four: Do not shaped so as not to lose permanent lifetime

purport five: Do not contain the conversion of Almighty Allah's creation.

purport six: Do not contain any danger to the body.

purport seven: Do not block the entry of water into the skin, or hair that is not particularly Bernhard

purport Eighth: Do not contain or dispose of waste-waste of money.

purport ninth: Do not waste time in a sense, it was decorated with the primary concern of a woman

purport tenth: Use, do not make her arrogant, haughty and snobbish pride in themselves and others before

purport eleventh: Especially, do for my husband. also be shown before a halal see jewelry as spoken by the Almighty Allah in Al-Qur 'an verses from the letter of 31 An-Nur

Twelfth purport: Do not contrary to nature

purport thirteenth: Do not let the genitalia appeared when worn. Female genitalia in front of other women is from the navel to the knee but the start does not mean a woman can be with the woman's abdomen or back his bottom appeared before other women but the intent is someone that when necessary, like when they wanted to suckle the child or appoint a fatherly dress material needs some calves look so , ff. whatever when he did it on purpose because it follows the fashion and imitating believe other God women, are not allowed. God"nature. And against men is a whole body without exception ..

Fourteenth purport: Although exemplify, don't up posture reveals women for men who are not can be a one woman reveals herself and makes it different from other women so that the center of attention. That is what is called: hijab fashion.

Fifteenth purport: Do not get left its obligations, as practiced by most women in their Changing night or on various other occasions. Here are some purport important for women in the ornate to the extent they appear to the writer of nash-nash shari'ah and statements of the scholars should be every woman exposes herself to each of these purport when decorated. One thing is missing, it means he is prohibited decorated that way.