Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Problem of Women Workers

The Problem of Women Workers

Career woman, in every level, were increasingly prevalent. From the position of the top leaders, top executives, up to a bus conductor and even a pedicab driver. Until now, arguably there is almost no kind of profession that has not Increase the aha. its like the woman had left her life typical of the agrarian era. In that era he was being true home. He is raising his children with the faithful, also plays a role in family economic activities in the traditional fields around his home. In the myth of agriculture, women are the first farmers in the face of this earth. The husband, wandering from forest to forest, meadow to meadow to hunt animals. When certain animals was observed to be maintained and bred so intensively developed agriculture. Women were still not moving from his position. They know when to meet her husband in the fields, feeding the child, and when to cook rice at home. And typical, they never worked on someone Else's husband.

Materialism is fertile at the time of the Renaissance had ushered in the era of human industrialization. This new view of seeing women and men the same nature, IE, as factors of production. It's just that with a background of physical and social class considerations so, wage female labor force is always number two. Capitalism destroys domestic industry one by one. One super paprika with multiple production enough for one city or country. And the human worker sucked into it, including women.

Women flocked finally left the "palace", mingling with men entered the factory to become workers or workers with low wages. When, too, began to be heard the wild cry of the toddler who has lost her mother the morning.

"By working, I could buy my kids milk and bought many toys for them. One thing that is difficult if my husband's salary which rely only mediocre. "So the argument that we often hear that a cursory may be very humane. But unfortunately, the price paid was too expensive than just a formula, and childcare's toys. A lost love, anxiety, and fear of children when the mother left, going into her subconscious and influenced the development of his personality until later adulthood. Diem and moral education also is very difficult if the day's only trained attendants and interact with television. So, how would this generation?

Another motif that higher levels are high and demands a psychological motive to apply knowledge already gained. Woman's emancipation movement which echoed the west has managed to lure women throughout the earth's instinct to try to show their existence. Women are great. Many of the women who did not lose even more accomplished work than men. However, on the other hand, can women be "super women" who succeed in carrying out its dual role? If the later statistics show crime rates, divorce, infidelity increases due to neglect of the family as the primary basis of moral education, really, again paid the price too expensive.

One thing that is a dilemma, indeed, if then driven by the demands of working women to apply the knowledge that he can have. Therefore the Muslim woman should learn that science is useful in accordance with the needs of women and society, although not a necessity and religious obligation kifayah. There must be relevance between the learning to their needs so that women are not demanding something that is not needed by it or its people. If circumstances force until she got to work outside the home, Islam has given its limitations. IE guardian must consent (father or husband) for permissible work, such as teaching children to become nurses for your daughter or female patients; No Ikhnaton (muddle) with men or with men berkelium; No Bertrando and jewelry shows or beauty; No primp and Use perfume; Wearing hi jab appropriate shari'ah.

However, where the real working women and the most noble is in his house. There they are protected and women will always be closer to God when living at home, seek pleasure of Allah by way of worship to Him, pour out all the ability to educate the baby, obey their husbands, and give affection to family members.

Great lady, is not they who should be the world scrambling to compete with men. Successful women are in charge with the main task which God a world it: to educate future generations of tough.