Monday, May 10, 2010

Radical Feminism, A Good or simplicity ?

Not a few women we like to circumvent, avoid the basic roles and obligations which he considers as a problem in knots. The girls want to be free of dynamic, lazy tail to become a wife. Turn so wife not stop to make a sensation, phobia to have kids. Even if forced to have, simply slip just once, he said. Did not want to provide recreation, but for the child's best and delicious.

This phenomenon is now pushed in the earth community, no lag, called this archipelago. In the life of an increasingly global world, the war not only with missiles and even by the sword. Colonization through the mass media is no longer visible. Invaders who colonized can one hope and one feeling, is equally proud. Colonial culture, flow with funding. Feminism, one name.

Feminism packaging sold with the struggle of women, woman's liberation. Comes the jargon of gender equality. Women and men did not differ at all, except on reproductive function. Considered fair if the refuse to use their reproductive rights. Imagine if adopted by all the women of this country, could-be baby's birth rate in this country can be counted on the fingers. They make an opinion, a woman who would just be a housewife means no price. "Because it would do the job despised oppressed," the voice of the feminist formations. They seemed to have fought for women, cares for the fate of the daughter groups. So no doubt teenagers are now eaten earlier opinion. This is what we have to deal with Muslim families wisely and carefully.

It is undeniable that men and women are different, this assessment is the Love of the Creator. have time we noticed that various species of birds. Parrot beak curved, because the food grain, not a swamp. The large marsupial pelicans under its beak to save the fish as a food supply. The very long-billed storks for helping prey fish in the water without sinking. Holly God!

So do humans, since the form of seed also has a feature that is not the same. Grown increasingly more and more the difference, without being able Stooped and avoided. Male muscles grow stronger, even more severe organ. The baby girl grew up with typical female organs.

There are no differences the meaning? All had evidence of an essential difference of women and men. With thorough and very complete, Allah Holly God physical design in accordance with their respective duties throughout his life. Honesty should be recognized, the difference in roles, duties, and specifications between the two human sexes has been taken in nature from birth. It makes no sense (for a healthy mind and logical) if one is saying there is no division of tasks between them raw, like the opinion of feminists.

The division of roles and responsibilities of the social implications of differences in other related fields to share with family life. This is what feminists fought. Feminism means breaking God Like. Regardless if violated would result in a shift God Like balance. not Bellanca domestic life, social life and so on. Finally resulting chaos.

Come to realize, we-women and men, do have rights as individuals. But there should not be forgotten, we live in this world on a mission. If Allah Holly God set of men as well as a woman on a mission according to his nature. Allah Holly God our creator, He knows what is best for us.

His fighters in the street will always be faced with anger fighters. Let us beware, do not make us victims of family of radical feminism! Ours God knows best.