Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tahereh Saffarzadeh

Tahereh Saffarzadeh (Persian: طاهره صفارزاده , 1936 in Sirjan, Kerman Province, Iran – October 25, 2008 in Tehran, Iran) was an Iranian poet, writer, translator and prominent university professor.
She received her BA in English language and literature in 1960. Several years later she left Iran for England and then to the United States. Upon being accepted as a member of International Writing Program, she also enrolled for M. F. A program which is essentially designed so as to enable the writers, the poets, the painters etc., to teach their respective fields of art both in practical workshops and theoretical courses, at university level. For her degree she studied major contemporary world literature with a special focus on practical literary criticism and translation workshops.
Saffarzadeh has so far published fourteen volumes of poems and she is also the author of ten books on the principles of translation regarding literary, scientific and Qur'anic texts respectively.
In regards to effectiveness of science of translation, Saffarzadeh has presented several theories of which "the Scientific Progression via Translation" has been regarded the most notable one. In the book "Translating the Fundamental Meanings of the Holy Qur'an" (1999) which is a genuine research on the English and Persian Translations of Qur'ān, she has succeeded in finding the main flaws and shortcomings; and by depiction of those defects she has introduced a new gate of approach in finding equivalents in the domain of translation of the Qur'ān the effect of which has appeared as this remarkable conceptual translation. She's published her bilingual translation of Qur'an in Persian and English 2001, which is the first bilingual translation of Qur'an.
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Ethar El Katatney

Ethar El-Katatney is an award-winning journalist, a blogger, and an author. She is currently a staff writer at Egypt Today, the leading current affairs magazine in the Middle East, and at its sister magazine Business Today Egypt. She is also a contributor at Muslimah Media Watch, a website that critiques how Muslim women are represented in the media and popular culture.
Her investigative piece Dangerous Blood on Hepatitis C in Egypt won second place in a program held by the International Center for Journalists in 2008, while her story The Business of Islam won the Economics and Business award in the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year 2009 award, making her the first Egyptian to win one of the prestigious awards. In addition, her story Identity Crisis 101 was the winner of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Journalist Award in 2009.

El-Katatney travels all over the world for conferences promoting dialogue between different religions and cultures, most notably the Habib Ali Al Jifri Litaarafuu dialogue in Abu Dhabi that aimed to bridge the cultural gap created by the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. She has attended Islamic summer intensive programs in England, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. While in Yemen, she wrote Forty days and Forty nights in Yemen, which is set for publication by a London based publishing house in late 2009.
In 2006, El-Katatney travelled to England with Amr Khaled, the popular Egyptian televangelist, for a three week youth training program. She later joined him in an Islamic talk show called Human Insights that aired Ramadan 2006,and will be joining him in Mujaddidun, a new reality TV show that will be aired in November 2009.
Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Egypt, and educated in Western schools, El-Katatney has an undergraduate business degree from the American University in Cairo where she was editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. As an undergraduate, she was selected as one of 6 students to blog on the AUC Website.[1], and during her commencement she gave the graduation speech and was nominated for the Parent's Association cup. El-Katatney is currently pursuing two graduate degrees from the same university, an MBA and an MA in in television and digital journalism.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Women's rights in Saudi Arabia

Gender roles in Saudi society come from Sharia (Islamic law) and tribal culture. The Arabian peninsula is the ancestral home of patriarchal, nomadic tribes, in which purdah (separation of women and men) and namus (honor) are central.
All women, regardless of age, are required to have a male guardian. Women cannot vote or be elected to high political positions.[1] It is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving. The World Economic Forum 2009 Global Gender Gap Report ranked Saudi Arabia 130th out of 134 countries for gender parity. It was the only country to score a zero in the category of political empowerment. The report also noted that Saudi Arabia is one of the few Middle Eastern countries to improve from 2008, with small gains in economic opportunity.
There is evidence that many women in Saudi Arabia do not want radical change. Even many advocates of reform reject Western critics, for "failing to understand the uniqueness of Saudi society." [3][4][5] Journalist Maha Akeel is a frequent critic of her country's patriarchal customs. Nonetheless, she agrees that Westerners criticize what they do not understand. "Look, we are not asking for... women's rights according to Western values or lifestyles....We want things according to what Islam says. Look at our history, our role models.
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Islam Channel

Islam Channel is a UK-based, free-to-air, English language, Islamic-focused satellite television channel. UK government figures state that 59% of Muslims watch the channel regularly above any other Muslim Channel [1]. It broadcasts across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and is streamed live on the internet - it is soon to commence broadcasting in North America. Islam Channel began broadcasting on March 2004 on Sky Digital channel 836, but subsequently moved to channel 813. In April 2010, it launched on Freesat channel 693.
The channel was the original effort of Mohammed Sajid, Shaheen Akhtar, Salauddin Ali, Ibrahim Rashid, Faisal Nazir and Asif Malik. Since its launch, the channel has expanded its range of programming, including programmes regarding current affairs, education, Islamic values, Islamic doctrine, as well as domestic, financial and community related topics. The channel is watched by 59 per cent of Britain’s 1.6 million Muslims and by other viewers abroad: its target audience is mainly English-speaking Muslims.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

If I Should Marry

A few days ago, one of my friends asked about when I will fulfill my deen half. Mmhh .. tough question to my answer:). Frankly, I have reached the age of yellow light to the standard size of married women. You could say a mature age. But wait, someone does not guarantee the age of maturity of a person, a good way of looking and thinking. And mature size seseorangpun least there are no parameters / specifications clearly.

Problem fulfill half of the deen, I also know if it sunna Prophet married. But, marriage is not just bringing a man and a woman only. Getting married is also a missionary meeting, a meeting that will increase productivity ghirah struggle and propaganda, causing a wider spread of propaganda again (Red. Note A Sister). I knew it .. marriage is not maen-maen! There's something more serious again in addition to fun and it was clearly going to end in court later held accountable.

Okay, I'll get married. But what kind of candidate? Sheikh Mustafa Masyhur his opinion, to build a Muslim family which is based on taqwa, the first time a Muslim had to find a good partner who understands the task has become Muslim and the minutes of his life. Making his life partner as a good friend of proselytizing, which always reminded when he forgot, giving encouragement and did not prevent him preaching. Well it means, I have to find a good partner to understand the task has become Muslim and the minutes of his life (in other words is a pious person).

Problem sholeh, my first thought, with the pious only, the other special properties will follow. Apparently not. In addition sholeh criteria, we also should recognize the privilege of the candidate in the eyes of us. For what? Yes .. for our life more colorful with his presence. Because marriage is not just for one or two years only, but could be our lifetime, as long as the breath out of our spirit. It is conceivable, if it turns out the candidate does not have the privilege of our own hearts, how to color our lives someday! Pale with no color. And about the Falling in love at the first sight! Mmhh .. why not?

So did mine. I want to marry not just because the candidate I have seen the advantages (if any). I want to marry someone because of my privileged eyes, can make a rainbow glow of sincere happiness in her face, and can membumikan love into his heart. And with a sincere smile as well, he was able to make my heart tremble with gratitude compassion will grace.
Ya Rabbi, anugerahkanlah servant servant pious one who can make the slave a wife who sholehah, which can make the mother of our servant-jundiMu Jundi, who can help enforce dienMu servant, our parents happy to leave this world in a state Khusnul khatimah , and made the servant of akhlus paradise .. Amin ya Allah ya robbal alamin.

Bish Wallahualam showab.

By. Irma
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What prevents you yet he was kept for Sister

Hijab is a Muslim women's clothing that covers the head to foot (including the hijab / veil and loose-fitting clothes that do not show the curves). For the layman, the issue of the hijab may be a simple problem. But verily, he is a big problem. Because he is of course the commands of Allah in it contained a lot of wisdom and very great. When Allah SWT commands us a commandment, He knows that the order is for our good and one reason for the achievement of happiness, glory and greatness of women.

As word of Allah Almighty: "O Prophet, tell your wives, daughters and wives of the believers to reach their head throughout the body, which thus so they are easier to be known, because they do not digangguÂ". ( QS. Al Ahzab: 59)

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam once said: "There will be at the end of my people who horseback saddle men like men, they fell at the front door of the mosque, the women they dress (but) naked, on their heads (there is one) such as the hump graceful camel. Laknatlah them! the actual women they are cursed. "(Narrated by Imam Ahmad (2 / 33))

Word of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam also said: "Two groups, including residents of Hell, I (myself) had never seen them, that is like people who carry whips, such as cows, with their whip the man and the woman who dressed (but) bare, berlenggak sway sway, their heads (there is one) like camel hump tottery rocking. They certainly will not enter Heaven, did not even get a smell. And actually smell that heavenly smell of travel distance and so many. "(Narrated by Muslim, hadith no. 2128).

Our times are many reasons or causes that are often used as a reason why women are reluctant to he was kept, including:

1. Not steady
When ukhti / sister quibble with this doubtful should be able to distinguish between two things. Namely between the commands of God with the human command. While still in command of man, then one can not be forced to accept it. But when the commandment of Allah there is no reason for people to say I have not been established, because it can drag the man on the big danger is out of the religion of Allah SWT for with so he does not believe and doubt the truth of the command.

Allah Allah says: "And not worthy of believing men and women mukminah, when Allah and His Messenger have set up a provision, there will be for those other options concerning their affairs. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he verily have been misguided, misguided real. "(Surat al-Ahzab: 36)

2. Faith is located in the heart not the outward appearance
The ukhti / sisters who have not tried to interpret the hadiths he was kept, but not in accordance with the intended, like the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasalam: "Verily Allah does not look at other forms of (outward) and treasure your wealth but He looks at the heart and gentlemen amalmu . '(Narrated by Muslim, Hadith no. 2564 from Abu Hurairah).

They seem to shed the true meaning which deflected in kebathilan. True Faith is situated hearts but Faith is not perfect if only inwardly. Faith in the hearts alone would not save him from Hell and got Heaven. Because the definition of Faith According to scholars jumhur Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama: "belief in the liver, with the oral pronunciation, and implementation by member agencies." And also listed in the Koran every time called Faith said, is always accompanied by a charity, such as: "People who believe and do righteous ....". Because charities are always hand in hand with faith, they can not split up.

3. God has not given me guidance
Sister / sister who is mired in such an obvious mistake. Because if people who want guidance, and wants other people mendo'akan himself to get it, he has struggled with the causes that can be delivered, so get that guidance. As word of Allah: "Verily, Allah does not change the state of a people so that they change the circumstances that exist in them sendiri.Â" (Surah Ar-Ra'd: 11).

Therefore, O uhkti / sister, try to find the causes of guidance, such guidance would you get with the permission of Allah SWT. Diatara business was praying in order to get guidance, to choose friends who Shalihah, always reading, study and ponder the Book of Allah, following dhikr assembly and religion and other lectures.

4.Takut not sell marriage
Doubtful is prompted by the devil in the soul because of the feeling that the youth would not decide to get married unless she had seen the body, hair, skin, beauty and the girl's jewelry. Although beauty is one of the most fundamental cause of marriage, but he was not the only reason he married her.

Messenger of Allaah Â'Alaihi blessings and peace: "The woman was married for four things: that is because of wealth, lineage, beauty and her religion. Get women who cling to religion, (if not) necessarily both hands covered in dust." (Narrated by Al Bukhari, kitaabun marriage, 9 / 115).

5. He still has not Adult
Indeed the saints, either father or mother who prevents a child he was kept his daughter, ostensibly because it is still immature, they have a great responsibility before God Almighty on the Day of Judgement. Because according to the Shari'a as a girl get menstruating, she is also immediately required for he was kept.

6. My parents and my husband forbid he was kept
Basic issue here is that obedience to God should take precedence over the creatures keta'atan whoever he is. As mentioned in the saheeh hadeeth:

"Surely it is only in virtue of obedience." (Narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim). And the words of the Apostle in another hadith: "And obey not the creatures by disobey (adulterous) told Al-Khaliq." (Narrated by Imam Ahmad, hadith is saheeh).
Therefore, O ukhti yet he was kept, hopefully this paper form the heart opening a locked, thrilling sense of who was asleep, so it can restore all the sisters who do not adhere to orders he was kept, to the nature that Allah has commanded.

(Quoted from a book titled original translation Ghairil Muhajjabah Mal Ila Sister Maani'u Minal Hijab? By Sheikh Abdul Hamid Al Bilaly).

Allaah knows best.

Hj. Dewi Setiani
The author based in Jogjakarta.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Short Story KH Mustofa Bisri: Mbok Yem

Praise wukuf at Arafat before I could find my mother and sister at their lodgings in Mecca. They lived in a cramped room with four pairs of husband and wife. Each plot occupied semantic two people who were given only baggage bulkhead. In the middle there is little empty space filled with a variety of food and eating utensils. Mom introduced me to the friends group.

"This is my son who studied in Egypt," he said proudly. "It's been four years did not come home."

I sheepishly shook their hands one by one. Among them were two lovebirds are very old. Older than the mother. The men and called Mbah Joyo older. A few years older than Mbok Yem, his wife. In contrast to the rather quiet Mbah Joyo, Mbok Yem friendly and talkative man, approached the nosy.

Which was then attracting attention, at once made me a bit of amusement, is the intimacy that the two lovebirds. They Like newlyweds alone. Like ignoring the smiles and glances-glances seduce his friends who watched them, Mbok Yem clung Mbah Joyo pampered on our shoulders.

"Sir, we're lucky, yes," he said as he stroked her hair is white as cotton. "Child Mus was studying religion in Egypt, he could be muthawwif manasik us and guide us." Then directed to me, "Not so, dear Mus?"

I just nodded, smiling.

"If necessary Mus boy would not mind to take us everywhere," he said again. "Later Mbok Yem bikinkan Mbah Joyo's favorite sour vegetables. Mbok Yem most experts make sour vegetables. Ask Mbah Joyo, the tongue until njoget if Mbok Yem sour vegetables cook."

"But he's also just now to Mecca," said my mother. "So here experience no more from us-we are."

"Yes, but it's certainly clever lad Mus Arabic; so will not get lost and can help us when shopping. We no longer need to offer unaware use sign language, rich and dumb."

The people on laughing.

"But, boy it's Mus do not live here with us," said one of the pilgrims, handing her a glass of tea. "Thanks!" I welcome the thrust of hot tea.

"Yes, dear Mus, where he lives?" asked another.

"I stayed with friends of another student," I said, "but not far from here somewhere. I could be here often."

"Well, sir, then we could walk anywhere without worry," said Mbok Yem again while massaging the arm Mbah Joyo. "We've got guards who are young and can speak Arabic."

"You are how," Mbah Joyo, who had been silent and smiling suddenly spoke up. "Child Mus to here it's not for you alone. But especially for his mother and sister who have not seen. They definitely want Miss."

"Yes, I know," replied her husband mleroki Grandmother Yem said. "I also do not intend to control his own son Mus. I mean we can Follow, come together when their mother and Grandmother to the mosque or wherever else."

"No way!"

"There, there," said my mother interrupted. "It's half past eleven. Let's get ready to the mosque!"


Alhamdulillah, since at Arafat can join my mother's entourage. Wukuf eve, we had gone to the wilderness area that became a sea of the tent. Some people looked tired. Precisely Mbok Yem and Mbah Joyo - the oldest member of the troupe - do not show the slightest signs of fatigue. Even the two lovebirds radiant spirit is evident as rejuvenate their age. When the morning I take them out of the tent to see Arafat atmosphere that is so wonderful. Although the sun is not so disturbing with the heat shock, he has provided a bright light on the white carpet of Arafat. As far as the eye could see, the white-white-and-white tent and white ihram cloth dominates the landscape. Here and there bercuatan state flags or simply mark a particular group of pilgrims. From a distance, appear as "hill people" to the top of a monument which is also white. "Is that Jabal Rahmah?"

"Yes, that's the Jabal Rahmah."

"Is it true that Father Adam's first rendezvous with Mother Eve after they fell from heaven?"

"And Allaah knows best yes, but there are many who believe."

"Are we going there?"

"Ah, no. After all that much. It looks just close. Wukuf important at Arafat, beristighfar and pray. Here I think we can be more solemn."

When he returned to the camp, apparently friends of passengers are still bringing their impression of seeing a panorama that they had never seen it.

"Why so many people were from everywhere huh?" V "Yes, there are very black, very white, brown, in fact there are as rosy tomatoes."

"That 's all a lot of people kok-white all white clothes, my God!"

All the talk was directing his gaze at me as if I said they are waiting. Or is this just a feeling. But I speak also. "My teacher said, this is a mini picture of the field later that when we Makhsyar, when everyone was woken up from the grave. There is no rich no poor, no great man there's no little man; no nobility there was no common man, all the same. Everything herded in an open field like this at Arafat. The difference is, here there are tents and other shade-shade, where it later, do not. Each person will be held accountable for his deeds during life on earth. "

I stopped, because I heard the sobs that there are more and more hardened. It turns out crying on the lap of Mbok Yem Mbah Joyo is also seen his eyes filled with tears. The whole tent fell silent. Up came an officer kloter ordered all getting ready for the event with prayer - Dhuhr and Asar - and continue the ritual wukuf with dhikr and prayer.

I noticed, since the completion ceremony of prayer and praying together, until finally each dhikr and praying individually, Mbok Yem and Mbah Joyo kept crying and repeating only Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah ... Beg pardon of God. There was this old two lovebirds other dhikr or prayer.


Night when the flood flows of vehicles and people flowed from Arafat to Muzdalifah and Mina, on our own bus, just sounded talbiyah and interpretation. Except for a pair of mouth that was still beristighfar. Mouth Mbok Yem and Mbah Joyo.

Toward dawn we got Muzdalifah area. From a distance, twinkling lights adorn a panorama looking increasingly Masy'aril Haram. Our bus stopped and the group tumbled out in the dark, looking for pebbles to throw Jamrah. Mother I'm still on the bus, my brother and I are down. The others turned down everything. Some of them have already prepared with a small flashlight and a cloth bag where pebbles. Here and there also appear several vehicles were parked, waiting for their passengers to find gravel.

"Stay close!" chairman of the group's voice warned. People will not listen. Not because of anything. They are not already sympathetic to the officers they think are only good at talking only. Ngurus never pilgrims. Meet passengers are only interesting if you want this and that charges are not clearly intended.

But when it was quite old and there are still many around, me and some people who've been finished for gravel, had helped the chairman of the group shouting and clapping hands, warning them to immediately increase the vehicle. Moreover, the bus driver - the Egyptians - have continued to grumble-grumble while up and down the bus, can not wait. Moreover, other vehicles which had already pull together its passengers toward Mina.

They eventually took the bus back as well, although there were among those who grumbled, "The driver didengerin kok. This is my worship. Here the rules we're staying. Why the rush?"

"Never mind, maybe the driver to consider dense traffic, fear too late to Mina," I tried to soothe the grouch. "Besides, we're here 12 hours had passed. So it's starting to stay."

Suddenly, when the new party chairman and calculate the congregational roll, sounding Mbok Yem cried hysterically, "Mbah Joyo! Mana Mbah Joyoku?!" Instantly everything was new to realize that Mbah Joyo has not returned. Mbok Yem jumped off the bus, still crying and screaming, calling her husband. Almost the whole bus come down. Mom and my sister followed me to pursue Mbok Yem, trying to calm him.

"Calm down, sister Yem," my mother pleaded, hugging the old woman. "Mbah Joyo not going anywhere. We'll find him."

"Yes, sister," my sister persuaded follow-up. "Even if Mbah Joyo stray, there's a special officer who specializes find people astray. Believe."

"Yes, sister, if that was really lost, I will be contacting the police or other officers," I replied. "Mbah Joyo'll be back with us again."

I myself and probably my mother and sister not so sure what we were saying. But thank God, though still sobbing and talking to himself, Mbok Yem can be a little quiet. "Mbah Joyo was my savior!" he hissed again and again.

Head of delegation and several men, including the driver, who tried to find up outside the area where they'd look for gravel, has returned no results. There is a suspect Mbah Joyo may stray up another vehicle parked nearby. We conferred and agreed to continue the journey while searching. All re-take the bus. Mbok Yem who guided my mother and sister, still intermittently turned to the dark wilderness Muzdalifah. Mengawani mother sat and still continues to embrace his old friend was now silent.


Dawn, we're new to Mina. Everything looked tired, even more Mbok Yem. Fortunately, not much searching, we have reached our tent maktab. And, after entering the tent, not a game surprised us. We saw Mbah Joyo was sitting cross-legged eating grapes from a large dish full of various fruits. (In addition to wine, there are apples, oranges, bananas, pears, etc.).

Mbok Yem screamed, "Mbah Joyo!" and rushed and hugged and kissed her husband, weeping happily. Mbah Joyo himself only smiled sheepishly. For a moment the others were still stunned amazement. Only then slid almost in unison, "Alhamdulillaaaah!"

Everything is then surrounded Mbah Joyo which still continues to be hugged, caressed, and kissed Mbok Yem. Overall pleased.

"Gotta go, Mbok Yem, 'said the head of the pack," later followed by miss-kangenannya. Let Mbah Joyo told me first. " Then to Mbah Joyo, "Mbah Joyo, Sampeyan anywhere last night?"

"Yeah, Grandma," interrupted the other, "Sampeyan the wrong bus huh?!"

"How did you know-know Mbah Joyo've got here is how the story?" asked another.

"Mbah Joyo already throwing jumrah 'Aqabah?"

Mbah Joyo nodded, smiling. "You see I was wearing pajamas!" Then talked like he was telling a tale.

"I do not get lost and no one to take the bus. I met a young, dashing and handsome and taken up a very good vehicle. I said that I was with the entourage of friends and my wife. He said he already knew and convinced me that I'll see you later also in Mina. father is old, he said, will be tired if you ride the bus. Finally I went to. Until I was brought here Mina, told to rest a little. God knows how long I was asleep. Next thing I knew I was awakened before dawn and asked to throw jumrah 'Aqabah. After that I delivered here again. As he left the fruits of this, he excused himself and said a moment later you will come. And he was right. "

"He was one, Mbah? People Where?"

"Oh yes. I forgot to ask. Because once met him was immediately familiar. So I then hesitate and finally, until he left, I forgot to ask the name and origin."



When he finished throwing jumrah 'Aqabah, pilgrims have apparently had enough. They lay along unwind. And soon came the sound of snoring and there. Mbok Yem I saw myself looking fresh and cheerful. He even told her mom foot massage. "While Mbah Joyo sleep," he said. While I and my sister was listening while sleeping. But the story touched Mbok Yem, do not feel we were both finally collapsed as well.

Apparently Mbok Yem sure what happened Mbah Joyo was a gift of God nothing to do with his deeds. He tells why she got hysterical when Mbah Joyo lost in Muzdalifah. Mbok Yem prostitutes apparently once was - now "refined" the term became commercial sex workers - and Mbah Joyo is "subscribed" it made him realize that with patience, mengentasnya of sordid life, and marry her. Then Mbok Yem and Mbah Joyo launch an entirely new life. In addition to assisting Mbah Joyo farming, selling pecel Mbok Yem, then increased by opening a small food stall. And some of the results of their work, they save little by little. Even those willing to live tirakat, in order to achieve their ambitions: the pilgrimage. They have a belief that their sins can only really be forgiven, if beristighfar in the holy land, in the Grand Mosque, at Arafat, in Muzdalifah, and at Mina. As scholars in the village pack, pilgrim who Mabrur no reward except paradise. Apparently only when that old, they save enough money to pay for the pilgrimage.

"Alhamdulillah, Mbah Joyo not really missing," said Mbok Yem end the story. "So we're both still a chance to refine our pilgrimage. May Allah make it easier. Once finished, we are sincere, if the Exalted to call us anytime. Thanksgiving here in this holy land."

Mbok Yem wiped tears, happy tears, and then gently laid his body on the side of my mother.


Apex, 1423/2002

Note: Source: Daily "JAVA POS" April 27, 2003 (quoted from the website: Cited by Ade Anita)
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